Product Visualisation

Our product visualisation service allows our clients to communicate the finished look of a product or design before any manufacture or prototyping takes place. This is invaluable in comparing alternate design direction, assessing marketability, seeing how a design would fit into its environment or as a tool to raise investment in a product. It can be used to hone details such as colour and texture.

In addition to providing visualisation of a product still in development, we can provide services to clients with existing products. These most often are for marketing purposes, producing either stills or animations of products when real world photography would be expensive, physically impractical or impossible.

Final renders can be photo-real, illustrative or stylised. Products can be presented in generic studio set-ups or rendered into environments, depending on the clients requirements.

An Omega Speedmaster Professional.

The wireframe for the Speedmaster.

An Accuracy International AWM variant.

A Fender Stratocaster.

A pair of Grados headphones.