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Note: The e-commerce system used, swreg, automatically adds an extra item called 'extended download service' to the basket. Feel free to remove this when in the swreg checkout. If at a later date you need to re-download the image pack (for vRoom purchases only) please contact me directly to make arrangements.

Chain Move v2

Price £30

License notes:

  • A single license is locked to a single Lightwave dongle ID.
  • Licenses for render nodes are free.
  • Available for PC 32/64 bit and OS X 32/64 bit
  • When the mac version is complete a single license will cover both platforms in the case of a duo dongle.


Due to the nature of licensed software, purchases are non-refundable. You are strongly advised to try plugins before you buy. It can be downloaded from here

To access the demo, simply use Lightwave in Discovery mode (i.e. without the dongle plugged in, or temporarily move/rename your Lightwave license file, found in %userprofile%/.NewTek/Lightwave//licenses).