2 Eurisko Studios

MDD Smoother

Stand alone tool used to smooth out jittery mdd files.
Stand alone 32bit PC

IS Tools

Two plugins developed while working on Iron Sky (hence the IS prefix).
  • IS Noisy Channel - Same as native Noisy Channel, but with an additional cutoff option.
  • IS Scene Info - Used for labelling previz movie files with the scene name, camera name, artist, time and frame number.
32/64bit PC

Probe unwraper

Tool for unwrapping images taken in reflective spheres and converting them into the vRoom format.

Chain move v1.3

A motion plugin to individually animate the links on complex chains. The motion follows a path laid out by points of another object.
32/64bit PC + OSX UB


Simple replacement for Layout's native footprinter plugin that works with geometry as opposed to the y = 0 plane.
32/64bit PC + OSX UB

Piston constraint

An lscript created to keep an item constrained to a line, while also being a constant radius from another item. E.g. the movement of a piston, constrained to a rotating crank.