Chain Move 2.0

This plugin helps the user create chain and chain like objects and animations, particularly where chain links and cog teeth are involved - such as a bicycle chain. All that is needed is a series of points that describe the path you want the chain links to take, a chain link object, and an item to drive the chain motion, such as a cog. Features include:

  • Simply enter the cog radius and number of teeth, all the maths is worked out for you.
  • Cog teeth and chain links will always fit correctly together, no matter the length of the animation.
  • Uses instancing so, unlike the first version of Chain Move, you can change variables for all chain links in a single control panel.
  • The correct number of chain links are calculated and instanced automatically for you - but you still change the amount if you wish.
  • Animation of the chain links is automatically driven by the rotation of a driver item.
  • Use dynamics to animate the chain (see video below).

Window 32 & 64 bit
Price £30
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Tutorial videos