Architectural Visualisation

There is no denying that a high quality 3D render or animation can enhance a building project. Whether competing for a contract, pitching an idea to a client, comparing alternate design directions or adding impact to marketing collateral no modern architectural, building or development contract is complete without a 3D visualisation element.

A huge benefit of this approach is that the modelling and rendering can be integrated through several stages of a project; design, evaluation, planning permission, presentation, marketing and more. This provides major savings in efficiency and therefore cost for our clients and by extension, the commissioner of the building.

We are able to supply external still shots and flybys, interior shots and walkthroughs. These can be finished in a style suited to the specific project; most often photo-real, but illustrative or stylised may sometimes be more effective.

Several computer generated buildings next to Durham House, UK

Interior shot of a loft conversion